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ASAP Trading is the preferred partner for U.S.-based companies selling performance, racing and off-road parts in Latin America and the Caribbean. ASAP Trading combines its industry -leading expertise with professionalism, loyalty, and a passion for the sport to deliver increased sales and exceptional results to its customers.
The ASAP team has been growing international sales for U.S.-based companies since 2004 and currently works with more than 50 importers in Mexico, Central and South America. ASAP Trading has the market expertise and manufacturing know-how to enable success for motorsports and powersports companies based in the United Sates. Manufacturers depend on ASAP Trading to be a trusted pair of hands with boots on the ground and the eyes and ears, to propel business in the region.

ASAP Trading offers the following sales services in Latin America and the Caribbean:​

· Increase sales
· Visit accounts in all major countries
· Attend industry-specific events
· Organize motorsports campaigns
· Build and implement marketing campaigns
· Elaborate sponsorship proposals
· Create a network of loyal buyers
· Provide R&D feedback
· Recommend pricing strategies

ASAP Trading executives, Juan-Jose and Ricardo, have career experience in purchasing production, logistics management, and business development for major companies in the U.S. and Latin America and Caribbean.
During his career, Juan-Jose served as a senior-level production manager responsible for output of 11 factories in China, 3 in India, 1 in Italy and 2 in Spain. This experience helped sharpen Juan-Jose’s attention to detail and negotiation skills. Juan-Jose's partner, Ricardo, has more than 20 years of logistics experience in Latin America and the Caribbean working for one of the most competitive oil companies in the world. Together, they have the experience to help you find the right sourcing partners and the fastest shipping methods, especially in the motorsports and powersports industries, where a 10th of second counts!

We offer the following sourcing services in Latin America and the Caribbean:​

· Research manufacturers in Latin America and the Caribbean
· Evaluate potential manufacturers​​
· Present qualified manufacturers​​
· Setup preliminary meetings with factories​​
· Arrange PPAP samples​​
· Negotiate pricing and terms​​
· Coordinate sourcing packaging​​
· Manage production quality control​
ASAP Trading started as a traditional manufacturers rep company, but soon realized that customers in Latin America and the Caribbean require specialized attention and customer service.

ASAP Trading has a comprehensive distribution solution for companies that prefer to have one master account that sells to individual importers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Should you sell directly? Or should you use an established distribution network to help you reach more potential customers? Both methods work, and both have pros and cons. However, using our established distribution network in Latin America and the Caribbean will give important advantages.

Key Benefits:

· Expand Relationships
· Reduce costs
· Focus on your core competencies
· Maximize marketing​​
​· Reach a wider audience​
· Gain business intelligence

ASAP Trading offers flexible and reliable order taking and order entry services. We improve the buying experience of your customers by taking your orders and entering them into your systems.

We make ordering fast and easy for your customers in Latin American and Caribbean by managing it for you. We enhance your sales without increasing your staff by training the trainer. You train us, and we will train our agents on the specifics of your company and products to encourage new purchases. We employ customized up-sell and cross-sell strategies to increase the size of your orders and revenue.

We offer the following order processing services in Latin America and the Caribbean:

· Serve as local ambassadors of your brand
· Live agents in customer's timezone
· Tailored approach to your specific needs
· Seamless ordering
· Fast response time to simplify orders
· Easily promote special offers
· Conduct surveys and gain insights
· Professional multilingual agents
· Customized scripting
· Distributed team across Latin America and Caribbean
· Improved order accuracy / fewer errors

ASAP Trading has unique access to customer feedback in the Latin American and Caribbean region. With expertise in marketing and sales strategy, ASAP Trading conducts primary and secondary market research to gain important insights that can help guide successful brand positioning in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have research experts that will help design the study, find respondents, field it and report on the results. Our vast network in the Latin America and Caribbean allows us to leverage relationships for optimal segmentation and analysis.

We offer the following marketing research services in Latin America and the Caribbean:

· Surveys
· Focus Groups
· Personal Interviews
· Observation
· Field Trials

ASAP Trading helps solve any problem or reservation Latin American and Caribbean customers may have along their journey in working with our industry partners in the U.S. We provide important data that creates a better understanding of Latin American and Caribbean customer’s beliefs, attitudes and opinions that influence purchasing decisions in our industry. Equipped with this, we help develop a tailored sales strategy to increase market revenue. We have a unique opportunity to share these insights on a regular basis by working locally in the native language.

  • AS

    “Gracias Asap Trading por encargarse de la importación de los repuestos para nuestra Amarok. Siempre puntuales y con los mejores precios!!”

    Alvaro Silva - Peru

  • HG

    “Excelente servicio, rapidez y confiabilidad asegurada.”

    Horacio Galvez – Peru

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    “La mejor atención, puntualidad y garantía en los productos, 100 % recomendable.”

    Sammy Sam - Peru

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    “Excelente Equipo!! Siempre consiguiendo lo mejor de lo mejor!”

    Guillermo Camilli – Uruguay

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    “Muy buena respuesta ante todas las consultas e inquietudes.”

    Marcelo Mundo – Argentina

  • CC

    “Atención Personalizada ... nos visita en chile ... y nos dan eficiencia y agilidad a nuestras solicitudes. Tremendos profesionales que acercan las mejores marcas de USA a América Latina con visitas y cercanía y con todo el compromiso como Representantes de Ventas.”

    Cristina Catalan – Chile

  • RB

    “Excelente atención y los mejores productos.”

    Roberto Bertolina – México

  • MH

    “Fantastic service! Happily recommend to anybody!”

    Mats Hammarlund – Mexico

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